Finding Time for Our Hair & Skin

Physical Health is not only about our calorie intake. It is the care of our whole body!
Beautifully and wonderfully made – you are the perfect creation. Let’s be the best stewards of our entire body as we walk this journey with Jesus.

Hair Health Focus:
◼️ Invest in healthy and rewarding products for your hair || Your shampoo & conditioner can make or break your hair but don’t have to break the bank. Small trick to finding the best : stay away from lots of chemicals and fragrances and stick to the ingredients you can pronounce.
◼️ Take a supplement that encourages hair health || We recommend Vitamin B or Biotin which can also be consumed through eating whole grains, seafood and dark leafy greens.
◼️ Dress it up & Dress it down || Find a new hairstyle that you can do. Don’t get us started on how this boosts your mental health too! On the flipside – Choose a day of the week or an evening to let the conditioner soak for a few hours then go natural.

Skin Health Focus:
◼️ Find a routine that works for you || There are so many facials and products – how could you ever find the right one?! Start with washing your face daily and applying a small dab of sunscreen – then go from there. Your skin will let you know what it needs!
◼️ What we put in – will show it’s face || If your skin is on the struggle bus – check your diet. We once had to make a food journal to realize what was causing inflammation and breakouts!
◼️ Appreciate the journey || Every season of life presents a new story. Our skin breaks out during our teen years or even our mid-thirties (40s, 50s…) and then there are days when we have “princess skin” (or it’s the best we have ever seen it). We have aging signs and full on aging. We have sun spots and scars. All of us have skin stories. Take time to glance in the mirror at your fearfully and wonderfully created journey and appreciate the creation