About Us

Our Committee is made up of President, Joann Thornton, Secretary, Barb Braswell, and Sectional Leaders from each of the 11 Sections in Missouri.   The Committee meets several times a year to formulate plans for Ladies Conference and Mothers Memorial Fundraising efforts. Each Sectional Leader coordinates events in her Section promoting Mothers Memorial and works together with the Pastors Wives to assist them with the various ministries that Ladies Ministries sponsors.

Joann Thorton – President
Barb Braswell – Secretary
Brianne Buford – Section 1
Donna Mangus – Section 2
Stephanie Sooter – Section 3
Chae Sheerin – Section 4
Rhonda Williams – Section 5
Angie Buchanan – Section 6
Ashley Johnson – Section 7
Amy Blackwell – Section 8
Lisa Breedlove – Section 9
Candice Barlow – Section 10
Melodie Showalter – Section 11

We also work closely with these women who coordinate our efforts for Emerge and Women of Worth Ministries:

Hannah Schumacher – Emerge Coordinator
Linda Grohman  -Women of Worth Coordinator