A Fun Fall Craft

Marsha Robinson is a contributing artist to our Facebook page with Marsha’s Craft Corner. Here is a simple fall craft that she shared on her personal page recently using a roll of toilet paper, yarn and decorative knobs for the stem.

For those of you that like to do DIY’s. Here’s one for you. You might remember when you used a roll of toilet paper and fabric to make a pumpkin. This one is using a large roll of toilet paper and yarn of your choice. You just weave it in and out until it is covered. Instead of using a stem, I used a gold knob and clear glass knob. Hobby Lobby has them on clearance. One cost $1.24 and one was 99 cents.

There is Always Room at the King’s Table

“There is ALWAYS room at the King’s Table.”

Today we want to highlight the story of Mephibosheth, in 2 Samuel, chapters 4-9. He was invited to the palace of his grandfather’s enemy, King David. He expected the worst because of his past, and yet, King David welcomed him to a permanent seat at his table and blessed him.

Today, this story can give us perspective into the love King Jesus has for us. Regardless of our broken past or mistakes – there is a seat for you at His table. Have peace today, you have an advocate with King Jesus. Find yourself at His table and give your life and cares over to Him.


Today, I will identify as His Beloved. I am who He says that I am. ?How does Jesus see us?♥️ Worthy of His blessings♥️ Enough for what He has called me to be♥️ Loved for who He created me to be♥️ Fearfully & Wonderfully Made♥️ His Creation

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Christmas Round Table

Joann Thornton, President, and Barbara Braswell, Secretary, along with Social Media Team Members Hannah Fierge and Celine Thornton, hosted a Missouri Ladies Ministries Facebook Live Event on Friday, December 10, 2021 in Lebanon, Missouri. It was a fun night filled with interaction from the Facebook audience as we played Christmas games and gave away $25 gift cards to Starbucks or Marshalls to 12 winners!